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Professional HD 30 Square

Double trunk-conical shaped connector, quick peg and spring clasp are suitable for high loading capacity. The wide range of accessories makes the product versatile both in a professional field and in situations where users need to support heavy equipments (service organizers, professionals of show business).

Main Tube
Æ 50x3,0 mm.

Diagonal Tubo
Æ 20x2,0 mm.

Trusses list - Weight
TB 4405Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 0.5

5.42 kg

TB 4410Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 1.0

8.05 kg

TB 4415Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 1.5

10.68 kg

TB 4420Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 2.0

13.31 kg

TB 4425Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 2.5

15.94 kg

TB 4430Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 3.0

18.56 kg

TB 4435 Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 3.5

21.19 kg

TB 4440Professional HD 30 Truss  Square m 4.0

23.82 kg

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